Communication is at the heart of any modern business. As one of the fastest moving areas of IT we know how important it is to business to keep communication systems in line with technological advancements. Networking equipment is a vital part in any computer office environment and being a Cisco reseller, HP reseller in London and a network authorized reseller we are able to meet all your requirements. We have available a full range of Network supplies including fibre optic patch leads, server racks, server cabinets for a complete network solution.
  • Cisco Reseller LondonCisco Switches
  • HP Reseller LondonHP Switches
  • TP Link SupplierTP-Link Switches
  In the network range we have switches managed and unmanaged, routers, wireless network solutions and everything else you will require for a network of any size.
  • Netgear Switches
  • Cisco Series LAN Base
  • Many Others..
Cisco Catalyst series switches with Lan Base software deliver intelligent services for commercial and mid size enterprises. The Lan Base software supports enhanced integrated security, including Network Admission Control (NAC), Advanced Quality of service (QOS), available and scalable management to enable new converged applications.