SarvaLaxmi Ventures Services are an authorised computer hardware reseller based in India,. We provide a huge range of computers for businesses and are able to meet the requirements of businesses of any size. We are an IT reseller with all the latest technology, we supply computers for education and the very best deals. All available with our authorised agreements direct from the manufacturer.

SarvaLaxmi Ventures Services are an IT reseller and computer hardware supplier for many of the most popular brand names providing reliable, cost effective computer systems for UK businesses.

As well as brand new IT products we supply re-marketed and second user systems at greatly reduced prices. Please ask for further details from our sales department.

Desktop and laptops

  • HP Desktops & Laptops
  • Acer Laptops
  • Apple products

SarvaLaxmi Ventures Services also supply IBM, Apple, Fujitsu , Clones, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, and many more big brands..

One of our most popular products – the Panasonic tough book laptop being water and shock proof are the first choice for our customers working in adverse conditions which has enabled us to become a tough book reseller.

Panasonic Toughbook Reseller London

HP computers are manufactured using quality components which lead to a greater reliability and stability as well as longer life spans to all their laptops for business and desktops for business.

As an authorised HP reseller we offer the full HP range – please make a request for anything you may require

HP Reseller in London

Dell computers are one of the leading brands also being a Dell laptop reseller enables us to give our customers a great service. There is a lot more we can offer as a laptop reseller including sale, technical information, installation, support.

IBM Reseller London

Dependable and productive, IBM towers and workstations are a boon to any IT team. These industry-leading business machines are also stable and manageable, making them the perfect solution for any corporate rollout.

Server Reseller

Popular servers for businesses are available from our vast range include HP Servers, Dell Servers, Fujitsu Servers, Sun Servers, IBM Servers and Acer Servers.

Not only are we a server reseller we will build your server to your requirements with any extras as required – extra memory, additional hard drives, backup drives and all server software.

While any computer can be configured as a server for business, most large businesses use rack-mountable hardware designed specifically for server functionality. These systems, often 1U in size, take up minimal space and often have useful features such as LED status lights and hot-swappable hard drive bays. Multiple rack-mountable servers can be placed in a single rack and often share the same monitor and input devices. Most servers are accessed remotely using remote access software, so input devices are often not even necessary.

While business servers can run on different types of business computers, it is important that the computer hardware is sufficient to support the demands of the business server. For instance, a web server that runs lots of web scripts in real-time should have a fast processor and enough RAM to handle the “load” without slowing down. A file server should have one or more fast hard drives or SSDs that can read and write data quickly.

Regardless of the type of server, a fast network connection is critical, since all data flows through that connection.

Typical computing servers are database server, file server, mail server, print server, web server, gaming server, and application server.

  • Processor: Choose a server-specific processor to boost performance and data throughput
  • Memory: Buy as much memory as you can afford and look for expansion slots for future upgrades
  • Storage: Look for SATA or SCSI hard disks, not IDE

Let us know your requirements and leave the rest to us.

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Putting a fast and well-equipped Server to work increases your productivity enables smart backup and archiving, and vastly improves the security of your data.