Vertiv HPL Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System

Configured in a standard 24’’ IT rack that ships with six 78Ah lithium-ion battery modules installed, the Vertiv HPL provides 38kWh capacity with 200kW power density. The HPL battery modules operates up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30°C) continuously, allowing data centers to reduce cooling cost and improve PUE. Vertiv HPL offers features specifically designed for data center application such as a redundant BMS (Battery Management System) architecture, internal power supply and user-friendly HMI display, which improves system reliability and achieves best-in-class user experience. Vertiv HPL is seamlessly integrated with Vertiv’s UPS and monitoring products to provide a higher level of protection, transparency and performance improvement. The HPL battery modules have a 10-year warranty on runtime with lifetime operating data stored in the BMS, which assures you with lifetime confidence for your decision.




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Vertiv HPL Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System